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How to discover your creativity in Disney style?

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How to Discover your creativity in Disney style?
You sometimes have sparks of ideas that seem genius to you? But you do nothing with them most of the time? Know that struggle about how to transform imaginative thinking into a specific business plan?
Or, sometimes you just feel the need to express yourself, and you can invite those previous ideas?

So, let us ask you a question. What comes to your mind when you see Mickey Mouse? The creator of this famous character was a creative and a business genius at the same time.

His creative but well-defined strategy enables the realization of his plans. In his book “Strategies of Genius,” NLP expert Robert Dilts formulated something he calls Disney Creative Strategy.

So, if you are ready for small thinking experiments, this could be a valuable tool you could use to make your dreams come true.


Little role-play experiment

For this experiment to be successful, you have to give yourself permission to be playful and ready to try something new – imagine yourself in 3 totally different roles: Dreamer, Realist, and Critic. It means really changing mindsets going from role to role.

There are some preconditions to this little role-play of yours:

  • Create space and time for it. It would be perfect if you set up different spaces in the room for each phase.
  • Also, you should dedicate an equal amount of time to every role.
  • Choose a different room or space within a room for each phase. This will help you switch mindsets and move into each different role.

So, let’s start!

Think about your topic. What would you like to work on? We are sure you already have some ideas you would like to try out. When you decide what you would like to work on – step into the first role.

1) Become a DREAMER

In the dreaming phase, you can let your imagination flourish. Do not mention finances, deadlines, rules, or any other limitations.

If you could do anything in this world what would that be? What excites you the most? Take your time, brainstorm, and write down everything that comes to your mind.

How to drainstorm using disney’s creative strategy

2) Get into the REALIST role

As a realist, you should think about all of these written ideas and ask yourself practical questions: which of them are really possible?

What activities should you organize to make it all happen? How you can make these ideas more specific in terms of plans, and deadlines? What sounds most promising?

3) Let the CRITIC decide

Now that you have filtered your ideas pile – let the critic build your further path. Review all details and ask yourself what are your next steps to realize your chosen dream. Your task is to reevaluate and check all points of the process.

Remember: To thrive in some new business or project it is important to balance between all three roles, and in the right order.

Now, when you read this – WHO (what) is your Donald Duck? 🙂

Let us know about it and if you developed your idea to the point where you need support with an online presence – reach out to us! We are here to help you build a strategic high-converting website and drive website conversion!

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 little role-play to discover your creativity in Disney style

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